Finishing Move!


Finishing Move! is a resource-managing card game where players must manage three types of energy to build up invocations faster than their opponent. Their hand of energy can be used to charge invocations or disrupt their opponent, so managing what energy is used is extremely important.

This game was inspired mostly from lots of anime characters shouting special monologues or having unique names for their finishing moves. I wanted to try and emulate that via mechanics, so much so that the winning player gets to unfold the monologue card so they can shout out their finishing move with an epic speech!

Designing the mockups for the energy cards forced me to play around with a very limited area to communicate information. I ended up using the sides of the cards to show game state changes, such as when a disruption is played that makes charging more expensive for one's opponent. Learning how to elegantly communicate with such a limited amount of real estate proved quite a challenge.

Winson Han