Slide and Slam: Dice is Not Bend


Slide and Slam: Dice is Not Bend is a grid based combat game involving dice. My main design goal was to try and use the physical properties of the dice themselves to elegantly communicate the game state. 

The board is a simple grid that allows players to move their dice based on the "face up" value of each die. This face up value represents the die's movement abilities, remaining "health" before it is removed from the board, as well as power level.

There is a built in power balancing system in which a die gets stronger offensive board presence the lower its health and movement abilities go. There is even an "Awakened" mode that was heavily inspired by the sort of "Desperation Mode" that can occur at low health in many fighting games.

Finally, to add a bit more player agency and choice to the game, each player has one use of a Power Token that can instantly change the game state in unpredictable and exciting ways.

Winson Han