This project is a great example of layers of sound effects working together to become something greater than the sum of their parts. A huge chunk of development time went into tuning and balancing the sound effects and sound filters to really make it feel like the player is stopping time. This combined with visual feedback really brought the game together.


The theme of Space/Time was made to try and keep an upbeat, energetic feel as the player attempts to keep the infinite running going. This was project also was the beginnings of playing around with filters and layered effects to tune the player's sensation when playing the game. Lots of the lessons learned here went on directly to influence the way I set up a similar Time Stop look and feel in Toki: Time Trial.



Feature 3

Cat and Bird

Cat and Bird is a poetic experience game that relies heavily on the music tracks to achieve the feeling we were going for. I decided to go for an orchestral direction as the emphasis on the piano and strings was perfect for the solemn, serene sound we were after.


Overstyle Breaker was a 2D action platformer. To reflect the nature of the game, I wanted to compose something that sounded retro, but upbeat and exciting. This was an interesting project as I did not use any pre-made loops. All the themes and stingers were custom composed for this project.




When Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood expansion came out, I immediately fell in love with the Dungeon Boss Theme. I really wanted to play a piano arrangement of it, but when I looked around on the web, no one had put one together yet. Being slightly impatient, I decided to arrange one myself by ear. I used MuseScore both for the ease of use in its software, but also the online hosting of the sheet. Check it out in the link, or download the PDF for yourself!