Card Clash: The Punching!


This is another card based game where players take on the roles of two boxers. Unlike Finishing Move! where it was more focused on resource management, this game's mechanical focus relied on more elements of randomness. Because players plan their turns without knowing what their opponent is going to do, the gameplay involved less planning ahead and more trying your luck to see if you could complete combos. Finishing Move! is about action and reaction, while Card Clash is more about fast-paced random excitement.

I wanted to emulate fast-paced games such as the classic card game War. The layout of how actions are revealed then compared quickly was deliberately designed to emulate the fast slapping of cards in War. There was an issue of keeping score that slowed down how fast paced I wanted the game to actually be. Because of that, I believe that if I were to ever digitize this game so that the score keeping was automated, the experience would be a lot closer to what I originally envisioned.

Winson Han