Super Robot Requiem: Path to Victory


This project had the largest number of components (pretty obvious if you look at the component list in the rulebook) I have ever made so far. The main focus of this game's design was to allow players to customize their Mech from a pool of possible specs.

To accomplish this,  each player starts the game in a "Garage" where they actually add armor, weapons, and a power core to their Mech. Each Mech's base frame was made to resemble a paper doll. I added magnets, magnetic pins, and velcro to make sure each piece fit in their appropriate slot. Players are free to choose from any combination of light, medium, and heavy versions of all weapons and armor. Lighter armor lets players have more evasion, while heavy armor lets players take more hits. As far as weapons go, lighter weapons hit more accurately but for less damage, while heavy weapons deal high damage but have an increased chance to miss. All these combinations allow players to have their combat style represented in their hand crafted mech, which adds a deeper level of immersion to the experience.

Winson Han