Crazy Die-Man is Unbreakable!


This was the first dexterity-based game I designed. I had often toyed with the idea of what would happen if instead of rolling a D20 to determine if an attack landed in D&D, some other system was used. This initial idea is what evolved into this game. I wanted to somehow use the player's actual throwing accuracy to determine whether an attack hit or not. 

To that end, the tale of the "Die-man" unfolds. This game has players take on the role of Dice Salesman at a convention. In order to disrupt their opponent's sales, players literally flick dice at their opponent in an attempt to knock down their opposing sales banners.

Using dice as the "ammo" players launch at each other also takes advantage of a die's physical characteristics. The amount of damage done to the opponent is based on the resulting number "rolled" after a successful die flick.

I also took advantage of other component's innate characteristics. Players can only fling dice from the tops of their rectangular dice stands, and putting magnets on the bottom of those provided sturdy platforms due to the magnetic board.

Winson Han